housecleaning tips and tricks


you will find below very useful tricks that you can practice in the kitchen. Many things you dont notice or you may not know may  help you in preparing meals, faciliatate housework as well as saving money.

 House cleaning tricks

  • To clean a painted wall wash it with saleratus water; about one tablespoonful of saleratus to a quart of warm water.
  • A piece of zinc placed on the glowing coals will clean the chimney of soot.
  • A little lye put in paste will make wall-paper stick.
  • To drive a nail into plaster, heat it very hot and the plaster will not break.
  • To drive nails or screws into hard wood always rub them over with soap and they will go in easily and will not split the wood.
  • Shellac the inside of all drawers and they will be easy to clean.
  • When you remove the waste from your carpet-sweeper, carefully cut the lint and hair from the revolving rolls and brushes. Then with a cloth dipped in kerosene rub the bristles and the inside of the box clean, and the oil will prevent the dust from rising when you sweep.

Cooking tricks

  • Never throw away the feet of a fowl as they are excellent for making soups, broths and jellies. You can buy extra feet from the butcher. Dip them in boiling water for a few seconds and they may be readily skinned. Boil with the chicken until they fall to pieces, then strain t  he broth.
  • Before baking potatoes let them stand in hot water for fifteen minutes. They will require only half the time to bake.
  • Pour boiling water on oranges and let them stand for five minutes. This will make the white lining come away from the skin and they will be easier to prepare for a pudding.

Other helpful tricks

  • To keep the daily paper from blowing away when it is left on the porch, get the carrier to snap it into a spring clothes-pin which is tied to the railing.
  • The common nut-cracker makes a splendid little household wrench for cans and bottles with screw tops. Even glass stoppers will yield to it.
  • A pair of scissors in the pantry to cut up raisins, suet, citron, etc., is easier to use then the chopper. A metal shoe-horn that has a hole in the top to hang it up by, makes a good kettle scraper.
  • Use a bicycle pump to clean such parts of the sewing machine as you cannot reach with a cloth or with an old tooth brush.
  • Save the sand-paper which comes on the match-boxes and use it for scraping, cleaning, etc. Ammonia water will remove the cloudy appearance from the preserve jars in which vegetables have been canned.